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Glenlivet - Rare Cask Triple Matured

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This green, high-yield region is also the home of most whisky distilleries (about 60) worldwide. The longest river of the "Spey" area has become the name for the whole region. The river, together with geological features such as pure water, peat and barley, forms a perfect basis for whisky production. The Speyside Single Malts are known for their distinct sweetness, combined with a touch of classicism and subtle fruitiness. With a longer maturation period, the whiskies develop a spicy aroma reminiscent of dried fruit, accompanied by a floral scent. In general, the whiskies produced there have a rounded taste and are only slightly peaty.

Well-known distilleries are Ballantines, Glenfiddich and Cadenhead's - they all and many more are available for you in the EXPERT24 onlineshop. Our selection of different price ranges of single malt Scotch from Speyside impresses with an exquisite range of different maturity levels. Our gift boxes, special collections and sets round off the range excellently.