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Chivas 18 Blended Scotch Whisky

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Nose: Straight in with sweetness from caramel, demerara sugar and a reasonable kick of vanilla. There are fruity notes of bananas, sour cherries, stewed pears, and perhaps some light rum-soaked raisins. Smoke is discernible though fairly slight and certainly sweet-smelling. Spiced elements favour gentle cinnamon.

Taste: Less sweet on the palate than the nose might suggest, but still with demerara sugar elements present. A decent arrival with a relatively coating mouthfeel given the 40% ABV. Smoke is more present now, but still of the sweeter variety. However, rather than feeling wispy like the nose it’s more embedded throughout the dram. Hay and a light earthiness are married with toasted cereals and grains, light polish and glue and a waft of pipe tobacco. There's a real buttery almost creamy taste which does not translate itself into silky mouthfeel, but does come across solidly as flavour in the palate itself. There’s a mild, yet vague citrus note here – not clear enough to be classed as lemon or lime, but it does provide some zing and freshness.