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Casamigos Blanco Tequila teq

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Casamigos Blanco Tequila (also known as "Casamigos Silver Tequila") is a small batch, ultra-premium tequila made from the finest, hand-selected 100% Blue Weber agaves, grown in the fertile red clay soil and cold climate of the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Their Master Distiller uses a unique yeast blend resulting in a consistent, refined flavor, unlike the commercial yeasts others use. This Blanco Tequila rests for two months and is crisp and clean with hints of citrus, vanilla, and sweet agave, with a long smooth finish.

Casamigos is best to experience on the rocks by the shot and, at times, straight from the bottle. Their idea was to create the best tasting, smoothest Tequilas and Mezcal, that don't have to cover up with salt or lime. So, they did. If you aren't one for straight-up liquor, Casamigos Blanco lends itself well when mixed into almost any tequila-based drink.